Flower Ecru White Porcelain Ring

£46.00 GBP

The band and flowers are made with ecru stained porcelain clay beautifully contrasting with immaculate white flower decoration. This ring is left unglazed which gives a wonderful, satin matte surface. Each ring is carefully crafted by hand. Fired in the very high temperature to ensure the rings are robust. Each ring is treated uniquely so will vary slightly in appearance.

Size guide

The best way to find out your ring size is to measure diameter of one of your rings which fits. For Wide Band Rings like mine you may want to consider ordering half a size or even one size larger ring than your normal size for proper fit.


Parian Porcelain The flowers are 10 mm approx and the band is 7 mm at its widest point , 1 mm wall thickness.


The porcelain can be cleaned by using a soapy water on a soft brush over the surface.

Lead Time:

Ready to ship in 5-7 business days.

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