Unique Blue Dangle Earrings Porcelain Flower Feel

£46.00 GBP

Unique porcelain bud flowers earrings with  sterling silver posts Feel . Each porcelain bead has been handmade in our studio, in the process which takes several days to complete. Inspired by cupped shaped of a unfolding flower bud. Fired in the very high temperature to ensure the beads are robust . Unglazed which gives a wonderful,satin matte finish.


Porcelain,Sterling Silver,Length (cm) : 5.5,Fitting Type : Sterling Silver Posts ,Dimensions (cm) : 0.7 x 5.5


The porcelain can be cleaned by using a soapy water on a soft brush over the surface.

Lead Time:

Ready to ship in 5-7 business days.

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